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Founder's Message

Placing the Amethyst Stone in Sober Living

People ask: “What’s behind the name, 'Amethyst Landing' for your sober living?" I'm always glad to answer.


AMETHYST – Amethyst is the birthstone of the month of February. The stone is a purple violet variety of quartz. The name is derived from Ancient Greek “a” (not) and “methystos” (intoxicated). The Ancient Greeks wore the amethyst stone and made drinking vessels decorated with amethyst, believing amethyst would prevent intoxication. Ancient Tibetans believed amethyst was sacred to the Buddha and made prayer beads from it.


LANDING – Landing is defined as a place where ships embark and disembark passengers. The seas were often rough and pounding on us during our active addiction.  Before deciding on sober living, some of us may have near-death experiences we will never forget. That chapter in our lives is now behind us. Our Higher Power helped us get to safety which allowed us to disembark from the ship called “Addiction.”


To our Residents - Our sober living is here to help each other be in society as “acceptable, responsible” gentlemen. We will learn that we are a small part of a universe and are not in control of any situation. We will analyze our past for the final time, understand and remove our character defects and, eventually, make amends to people we have harmed. We will learn to turn our fears into love and learn to love and forgive ourselves for our past behavior. Accomplishing the above will prepare us in our journey on the ship called “Recovery.”


Not to say the seas in the future will be forever calm, but when rough water approaches we are prepared to make choices that will help us survive the storm. I believe that a primary foundation for a happy life is accepting our imperfections with grace. Even though these imperfections may exist, try to remember this: I love myself . . . I accept myself . . . I know that who I am is good. My hope for everyone is not to say that you will not stumble, but you will do so with grace. Not that you will not fail, but you will do so with grace, acceptance, surrender. I hope you will be able to say, “I’m okay; I love myself.” The 12-step program teaches us “It’s progress, not perfection.” A Course in Miracles explains, “You are not perfect or you would not be here.” We are here to heal our hearts. John Steinbeck, in his book East of Eden says, “And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.”


My wish for our sober living residents is that whatever comes our way – a challenge or difficulty – that we learn from it. If we learn from a bad situation, then it was not for nothing. Be grateful for the progress we have made, and pass on that knowledge to a friend in need. I also pray that we can find a way to love ourselves, to be kinder to ourselves, and to be gentle with ourselves. My hope is that we save some of that love and forgiveness that we so freely give away for the person that truly needs it and rarely accepts the gift: ourselves.


“We came to BELIEVE” in a Higher Power. Perhaps, like the Ancient Greeks, some may come to believe that an amethyst crystal helps someone stay clean and sober. Remember that your Amethyst Landing family, your brothers, and your support network can help you make it through rough waters. It’s your choice to reach out and not let our addictive behavior gain control.


You are living proof that recovery can happen. Thank you, Residents, for allowing Amethyst Landing to be a part of your recovery journey. For those of you considering sober living, we look forward to sharing more information about our home and how we can be of service.

                                                                                                                                                                          -Terry Ryusaki

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